Sean Dickinson

Digital Solutions Builder

A Full Stack Developer with a passion for building specialized solutions for unique problems. Experienced in creating applications for the education sector both for administrators and teachers.

NYS Covid Dashboard

A dashboard made from New York State Department of Health data to visualize COVID-19 cases. The goal of this project was to provide a better view of the regional data, as most other visualizations only gave information by county.
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Vehicle Signout

This project is a real-time sign out application made to handle the sharing of vehicles on a school campus. This project was made for the school I worked at to replace the paper sign out sheet and to better allow visibility and tracking of the use of the shared vehicles.
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Dark Ave Photography

A minimalist photography portfolio I built for a friend using the JAMstack. It uses Wordpress as a headless CMS and Gridsome (VueJS) as a static site generator.
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